& the Professionals
Crawfish Fest
Waterloo Village
Stanhope NJ
June 6, 1999

Got this one off of a tracker some time ago. Maybe it was DAD, I'm not sure. Back then I wasn't keeping records like I do now. Anyway, a great set from the Queen of New Orleans in sound board form. I'm still tryong to hunt down my Koko Taylor shows and keep running into others I think people would like.
Enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

My CDR> HD via EAC> FLAC w/sbe's fixed

1. Instrumental
2. It's Love That Makes the Woman
3. The Story of My Life
4. Love Don't Get No Better Than This
5. Hold Me While I Cry
6. Sing It
7. You Can Have My Husband
8. Hip Shakin'Mama
9. Ruler of My Heart
10. I've Done Got Over>Iko Iko>Hey Pocky Way>I've Done Got Over
11. It's Raining
12. Baby I Love You
13. You Don't Know Nothin' About Love
14. Band intros>Simply the Best
15. I've Been Loving You Too Long