Irma Thomas & the Professionals
Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO 7-16-89

Disc One
1 Red Rooster Intro
2 Band instrumental
3 Dancin' in the Streets
4 Givin' You the Best That I've Got
5 Old Records
6 You Can Think Twice
7 Sorry Wrong Number
8 The Way I Feel
9 You Don't Know Nothin' About
10 You Can Have My Husband
11 Sit Down and Cry
12 I Needed Somebody
13 I've Been Loving You Too Long
14 Down Home Blues
15 Breakaway
16 Time Is on My Side
17 I Wish Someone Would Care

Disc Two
18 I Done Got Over >
19 Hey Pockey Way
20 Hold You to Your Promise

Source: SBD-MC>CD-R