Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson, and Marcia Ball
Bumbershoot Festival- Mural Amphitheatre
Seattle, WA

Lineage: CDR received in mail trade from davmar77>WAV(EAC)>flac frontend
(compression level 8, aligned and verified)

01 Woman on the Move
02 Please, No More
03 People Will Be People
04 Heart to Heart
05 If I Know You LIke I Think I Do
06 Keep Me
07 Band Intro
08 Red Beans and Rice
09 Time is On My Side
10 Gonna Miss You Like the Devil
11 Girls Should Not Love Him
12 I'm a Love Maker
13 You Don't Know Nothing about Love
14 Yield Not to Temptation

Trumpet: Frank Parker
Sax: Dan Toshcin (sp.?)
Background vocals and tenor sax: Emile Hall
Keyboards: Warner Williams
Drums: Wilbert Widow
Bass: Robert Harvey
Guitar: Arthur Bell