Iron & Wine

Church CA 14 cardioid > Sony RH 1 > Hi-MD (PCM mode) > Audacity (level adjustment, trackmarks) >TLH > Flac level 8

recorded 6 m from stage to the left

01. intro
02. Tree By The River
03. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
04. The Sea and the Rhythm
05. House By The Sea
> Love And Summer Verses
06. Bird Stealing Bread
07. Me And Lazarus
08. Cinder and Smoke
09. Monkeys Uptown
10. Weary Memory
11. Boy with a Coin
12. Half Moon
13. Big Burned Hand
14. Fever Dream
15. Rabbit Will Run
16. He Lays In The Reins

- encore -
Free Until They Cut Me Down

TRT 98:01 min

Fine show, Beam with a 7 piece band, full orchestration, drums, great percussion, bass, piano, alternating flute, horns, banjo, mandolin, backup vocals, sometimes up to 3.
Maybe a little too much harmony for my taste, but tastes are personal and the musical craftmanship of everybody was admirable.
Good acoustics, the "Fabrik" filled with about a 1000 people, but most of those attentively listening, so the recording turned out fine.

I missed about a minute of crowd noise during the encore break 'cos I had to change the md - the gap was joined seamless.