Well folks - sorry about this disc getting chopped up but there is a CD released by CD Baby that contains many of the tracks in this set, eight to be exact. When I first started seeding this set, I thought this would be OK to run as is, but a little more research revealed that some of these demos had been released in 2011.

Here is a link to the CD that contains many of these tracks. It is released by CD Baby, which I assume to be an official release and not a bootleg release.


The good news is that you still get 13 tracks here which are quite a departure from the Iron Butterfly sound. Some of the tunes are just guitar, some include flute, etc. The 1973 demos are fairly mellow, while the 1988 demos are more hard rocking.


Some of this 7 CD-r release is sourced from cassette tapes I got in trade many years ago. Some of it is sourced from cassette tapes that a friend of mine found in an estate sale. He said that almost everything at the estate sale had been sold when he spotted about 10 cassettes with hand written labels. At first he thought they were nothing special until he started reading the notes. Apparently nobody else had noticed that these were something very special since they were still there. He knew right away and got them for me. There are a lot of rare short pieces as well as some rare rehearsals and concerts.

When I started this project, I hadn't planned on making it a 7 disc release. After working on it for a while I realized that it worked better as multi disc release. Iron Butterfly has
been through so many personnel changes it is really hard to keep track of it all. I started with a live show that represented an Iron Butterfly personnel lineup that is about as far removed from what I considered to be ideal as it ever got. The last live show I included in this collection is a soundboard recording from Toronto in 1988. This show is by the reformed Iron Butterfly which consisted of Ingle - Braunn - Bushy - Dorman, the same lineup as the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida era Iron Butterfly.

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I have also done the artwork for this release. Please keep the artwork and text file, unaltered, together with the SHN's.

disc 6

Erik Braunn 1973 demos for MCA with guys from Little Feat

1. [REMOVED] Scorching Beauty
2. [REMOVED] Love Is On Your Mind (Couldn't We Just Be Friends)
3. [REMOVED] Back Home (Going Back Home)
4. [REMOVED] Don't Give It Up
5. My My My
6. [REMOVED] Laughing Sun (Beneath the Laughing Sun)
7. Sing, Boy, Sing
8. Crazy Baby
9. One Nights Love Affair
10. [REMOVED] Hard Miseree
11. What Words Can I Say
12. Am I Down
13. Good Things Can Happen To You
14. [REMOVED] Evereeday
15. That Will Never Do

Erik Braunn 1988 Demos

16. Fight For Your Life
17. Mystery Unknown
18. Where Vultures Fly
19. Breed Apart
20. Whenever You Call Her Name

These are 20 demos that Erik cut back in 1973 and 1988 for MCA Records.
I'm assuming he had the intention of going solo with this studio venture, but a year later he contacted Ron Bushy (or vise versa) and they reformed Iron Butterfly.
Most of the songs on this demo would be considered folk rock. But there are three songs that were supposedly recorded with members from Little Feat (don't ask me which ones because the info on that is extremely vague).
Those songs are Hard Miseree, Am I Down, and Scorching Beauty. Yep, you Iron Butterfly fans read correctly, those are demo versions that would later be re-recorded in 74 and 75 for the Scorching Beauty and Sun & Steel albums.
Those songs feature great horn sections, organ work, bass and drums (I'm assuming that those guys would be the members from Little Feat, IF that rumor is even true).
So watch out for those in the future. So to start off I have three songs for you: Love is on Your Mind Back Home Don't Give It Up All songs are presumably written by Erik Braunn. Erik, of course, plays all guitars, while session musicians fill in the rest.
At least that's what I'm guessing. So enjoy these rare demos and stay tuned. Thank you all for staying tuned and being patient!

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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