Iron Butterfly
Burg Herzberg Open Air, Germany (AUD)

This is the entire audience recording of this show at the BHOA (Burg Herzberg Open Air) 17 Jul 1999
All I can remeber: it was boiling hot.

Label: none
Sound quality: distant but all in all very good
Lineage: DAT Master (aud) > Maxell tape > audacity > you
RESEED OF MY OWN SEED. It was 15 years ago last week! See you next week at the BERCH 2014!

Not commercially released by the band.

01. Intro by K.B. > Iron Butterfly Theme 7:15
02. unknown (to me) 3:27
03. Band says hello 0:38
04. In The Time Of Our Lives 5:31
05. Soul Experience 6:07
06. Flowers And Beads 3:21
07. Band introduction 1:40
08. Easy Rider 6:14
09. Butterfly Bleu 15:17
10. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 23:50

Thanks to Iron Butterfly for their supply with good music all over the decades!
Sorry for the people freaking out now and then in front of the mike.

Enjoy, have fun and spread! And remember: it's always nice to leave a comment.
Please use this show for trading only ~ never sell it.
And again, NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!

I was the original uploader here and on the other site. I didn't change nuthin' except for this text. So if you already have it you may wanna help seeding.