Band: Iron Butterfly
Venue: Kulturhaus
City: Pottschach (Ternitz)
Country: Austria / Lower Austria
Date: Friday, Oct. 8th 2010
Bootleg Title: Steel Butterfly
Taper: HighVoltage
Recording Equipment: Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder, internal Mics
Mic Position: fixed at belt buckle
Location: about 2-3 m from the stage, mid-right
Recorder Settings: Mic Sens low, Low Cut off, Limiter off, Mic Zoom Set Standard
Opening Acts: ? (local band)
Audience: ~500

Lineage: internal Mics -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) , -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6

Edits: general volume adaption (massive plus during the song announcements, hence the hiss/noise during these parts!), equalizer, fade-in & fade out, cut out of some short clips (of audience screams) between songs, track split, flac level 6

Special Notes:
The only original founding member of IB (with IB), Ron Bushy (drums), was not with the band for this part of the tour - he sufferd from some injury earlier this year, and was - superbly - replaced by Ray Weston (see
Before 'Easy Rider' Lee says someting about a "Costume change" and turns his cap back to front!
Also, during - I *think* - Butterfly Bleu" or "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" guitarist Charlie Marinkovich stepped off stage into the hall and walked through the audience, and I followed him to take some photos! (included there comes a photo of that!)
Right after that final song of the main set, one of tha band says: "Danke Ternitz! Thank you!"
Before the encore ('Are you happy') keyboardist Martin Gerschwitz shouts into the audience: "! ... Seid ihr alle gut drauf!? Ihr da oben....auf dem Balkon?!...Und jetzt fragt ihr euch wahrscheinlich warum red ich deutsch! Ja...wir ham ein kleines Problem...ich bin nämlich in Deutschland geboren...ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch und ich hab gedacht, es wär ein bissl einfacher, okay....So, seid ihr gut drauf?! Are you guys happy?!" and introduces the final song with that.
(Hey you?! Are you feeling good? You up there... on the balcony?! ... And now you probably ask yourself why I talk German! Yes...we have a wee problem...I actually was born in I speak a bit German, and I thought it would make things a bit easier, okay...So, are you feeling good?!...)
However, actually the unforgettable thing this evening happened after the gig ... after the show I was for about 15 minutes backstage chatting with various band members (except 68-year old bass-man Lee who left just after the gig), before they all came out to the bar (where only about 15-20 people had stayed that long) and we could chat (and drink beer :D) with them for more than an hour!!! wow! real great guys!
A few words about the bootleg title: Ternitz used to have a big steel mill (which no longer exists as such (the company has been sold and spitted), there are now various smaller companies specialized in different steel products)

Soundquality: audience recording, with some volume variations - 6,5/10



Disc 1:
01 Iron Butterfly Theme (7:13)
02 Unconscious Power (4:16)
03 In the Time of our Lives (6:31)
04 Stone Believer (6:08)
05 Flowers and Beads (4:04)
06 Easy Rider (4:53)
07 Band Intros (3:45)

Disc 2
08 Butterfly Bleu (15:46)
09 In-a-Gadda-da-Vida (30:37)
10 Are you happy (4:30)



Enjoy this recording anyway you want (I have uploaded both the flac- and the mp3 version), share it, but please keep my notes and the album art together with the audio files!
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