(Handstamp No. 10)

Waterfront Park
Portland, Oregon
July 3, 2008

01. Don’t Let Go
02. Joy
03. By the Time I Get to Phoenix
04. Walk on By
05. Soul Man
06. Do Your Thing
07. Theme from ‘Shaft’
(total time: 57.07)

General Notes:

I hurt my back and so was home at the computer instead of down at Waterfront Park for this show. The silver lining is that I got a good quality dub from the radio simulcast on KBOO radio. Kind of a short set, it sounds like they might have had some equipment problems.

This performance is part of the Waterfront Blues Festival, which is a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank. Times are tough and thousands of Oregonians rely on the food bank to get a meal or feed their kids. Perhaps while enjoying this show you’ll consider sending them a few bucks.

Recording Notes:

Dubbed from FM to wav via a 16-bit M-Audio 2496 soundcard running Soundforge 8.0.

Art Notes:

No art this time.