ISEO JAZZ 2010 - An Anthology :

all artists recorded during Iseo Jazz Festival 2010 (Italy)

### J.W. Orchestra conducted by Marco Gotti 5'14"
recorded at Iseo, piazza Statuto, on 17 July 2010

### Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinets) – Gianni Coscia (accordion/fisarmonica)
“Il mondo di Offenbach” 10'56"
recorded at Iseo, piazza Statuto, on 18 luglio 2010

### Carlo Actis Dato Quartetto - 10'49" - recorded at Montecampione, on 10 july 2010 Carlo Actis Dato, sax; Beppe Di Filippo, sax; Matteo Ravizza, bass; Daniele Bertone, drums.

### Carlo Morena Trio - recorded at Iseo, Sassabanek, on 16 July 2010 - 7'44"
Carlo Morena, pianoforte; Yuri Goloubev, contra-bass; Michele Salgarello, drums

### Enrico Rava (trumpet) e Danilo Rea (pianoforte) - You Don't Know What Love Is - 10'48"
recorded a Iseo, Sassabanek, on 16 july 2010

### Mario Piacentini - piano solo - Le Pendole di Steve - 8'12"
recorded at Iseo, Castello Oldofredi, on 15 july 2010

### Roberto Ottaviano (sax) e Enrico Intra (pianoforte) with Alex Stangoni (electronics)
recorded at Iseo, Castello Oldofredi, on 15 july 2010 - 9'20"

### Roberto Gatto Quintetto - Remembering Shelly Manne - 9'27"
recorded at Iseo, piazza Statuto, on 18 luglio 2010
Marco Tamburini, trumpet; Max Ionata, saxes; Luca Mannutza, pianoforte; Giuseppe Bassi, bass; Roberto Gatto, drums.

### New-X Quintet - recorded at Paratico, on 8 Augusto 2010 - 8'58"
Denis Alessio, guitar; Antonio Vivenzio, pianoforte; Giulio Patara, vibraphone; Vito Zerbino, contra-bass; Francesco Meles, drums.

WARNING: A few transmission dropouts were unfortunately featured all along the set, all of them dropouts have been edited out, but you can still hear the transition glitch somewhere on these tracks (a few seconds drop-out somewhere on track08, track15, track21, I seem to remember).

tracklist - complete running time 88'25"
01-radio introduction by Pino Saulo 1.21
02- J.W. ORCHESTRA: Indagine Sopra un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto [Ennio Morricone]
03-radio intro 0.39
04- GIANLUIGI TROVESI & GIANNI COSCIA: Valzer [Jacques Offenbach] 3.53
05- GIANLUIGI TROVESI & GIANNI COSCIA: Beguine [Jacques Offenbach] 2.25
06- GIANLUIGI TROVESI & GIANNI COSCIA: Il Giuramento di Paride [Jacques Offenbach] 4.38
07-radio intro 0.40
08- CARLO ACTIS DATO QUartet: Raga [Actis Dato] 5.00
09- CARLO ACTIS DATO QUartet: Instanbul Rap [Actis Dato] 5.50
10-radio intro 0.26
11- CARLO MORENA TRIO: unannounced title [Carlo Morena] 7.44
12-radio intro 0.26
13- ENRICO RAVA & DANILO REA: You Don't Know What Love Is [Gene de Paul] 10.48
14-radio intro 0.36
15- MARIO PIACENTINI: Le Pendole di Steve [Mario Piacentini] 8.12
16-radio intro 0.37
17- ROBERTO OTTAVIANO & ENRICO INTRA: unannounced titles [Enrico Intra] 9.20
18-radio intro 0.37
19- ROBERTO GATTO Quintet: Fan Tan [Russ Freeman] 9.27
20-radio intro 1.03
21- NEW-X QUINTET: Song For Ale [Denis Alessio] 4.39
22- NEW-X QUINTET: Old School [Denis Alessio] 4.19
23-radio outro 0.30

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on thursday 30 June 2011, 20:51 hours.

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01-radio intro.flac:586938f13fcb36679dd7c0152f870275
03-radio intro.flac:31745c286bd779ffef669223af8d6c9d
06-Il Giuramento di Paride.flac:a827ffc2a8132e5cda5c0e9ece72f82b
07-radio intro.flac:f5cb417c171aa1b4415021c48001a8d7
09-Instanbul Rap.flac:d4f8c6c8e60fff9c5f05f9075fd3970f
10-radio intro.flac:aa94163600dc5a5d2cafa1a329ada666
12-radio intro.flac:20c2188f63286fcccab9d76bd42b6700
13-You Don't Know What Love Is.flac:4c1773211a07457c47e264da29760f81
14-radio intro.flac:32b987d15a327c4be65388818f9a4d5e
15-Le Pendole di Steve.flac:3dd6bf6e86a721d586ec6fa604d04595
16-radio intro.flac:25568862a0d48e9a5f065e23daafa48d
18-radio intro.flac:361cc1c38870bddbad0b208119dea4f4
19-Fan Tan.flac:1652b92946e53907415d1210f3a9eb60
20-radio intro.flac:6b7ef1952d871381b563958b07e06490
21-Song For Ale.flac:f9e8e0013d57ebc9b4f88c133a9922fa
22-Old School.flac:69764471e003da15d1a33b71e00fb5c3