The Isley Brothers
Sterling Heights, MI
The Center

Taken from the master recording.

Sony D6 Recorder-Sony 939 Mic - Maxell XLII [master] Cassette -
Technics cassette deck - ProTools (EQ/Volume/Widen/24-48 WAV) -
SoundForge (split, Flac).

Sound quality is good - I'd rate it a B-. A decent sounding recording -
unclear if this was the early or late show.

Please forgive any errant splits or titles. There was a lot of ad-libbing
going on, and I think track 11 was a medley but hard for me to tell where
things stopped and started.

001 That Lady.flac
002 I Need Your Body.flac
003 Choosy Lover.flac
004 Don't Say Goodnight.flac
005 Groove With You.flac
006 Let's Make Love Tonight.flac
007 Ballad for the Fallen Soldier.flac
008 Star Spangled Banner.flac (tape flip fade out-in near the end)
009 The Heat is On.flac
010 Lay Lady Lay.flac
011 For the Love of You.flac
012 Take Me to the Next Phase.flac
013 Between the Sheets.flac
014 Touch Me.flac

Do what you want with it, just do not sell it.
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This recording was made and shared by bennykat
Ripped, mastered and uploaded by Adavici.

We are always looking for Detroit and other Michigan shows. If you
have masters and are willing to share, PM!!!

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