Artist: It's A Beautiful Day
Date: Unknown 68-69?
Location: Unknown
Venue: Unknown
Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Unknown gen cassette(Maxell UD 90)x2>wav(24/96)>wav(16/44)>flac
Transfer: Unknown gen cassette>Revox B-215>Audiophile 192>Adobe Audition 3.0
Transferred By: weedwacker

01. White Bird
02. Voyage Within ->
03. Time Is
04. Girl With No Eyes
05. Wasted Union Blues (incomplete)

Length: 39:32


I have no idea the date or if this is something readily available it happened to be filler on a back end of a cassette I have. Based on the research I've done this is most likely the original lineup and should be a show from sometime in 68 or 69 since they play Voyage Within here.