It's a Beautiful Day
David LaFlamme- violin
Linda LaFlamme- keyboards
Pattie Santos- vocals
Hal Waganet- guitar
Mitchell Holman- bass
Val Fuentes- drums
Avalon Ballroom,
San Francisco, Ca.
March 25, 1969
audience recording (7 songs)
runtime: 59:18 (minutes/seconds)
1: Don and Dewey 10:52
2: the dolphins 5:40
3: hot summer day 6:21
4: wasted union blues 13:10
5: ? 6:39
6: white bird (spliced) 6:03
7: Bombay calling 10:30
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this may be the same as a previously posted recording from davmar77.
it was previously posted with 2 (additional) tracks from 6/70
in the Netherlands that may have been officially released in a
live video called "stamping ground"
so it is being re-posted without those tracks.