It's A Beautiful Day Live at Earth 1971-09-xx, unknown location AUD (presumed San Diego area) stellar show! read notes (mp3 sample included) Goody restoration

Hello again!

First some business to attend to. The actual information on this show is very sketchy, to say the least. So I'm going to back into Dime's qualifications by explaining what this show is not.

It's not represented on any known IABD release or bootleg. References used included Discogs including known bootleg releases, David LaFlamme's website, and the Setlist website. Samples of all available matching songs were individually compared to this show, and none of them match.

Although the location of the venue called "Earth" is unknown to me, the taper recorded and collected other audience recordings at known venues in San Diego area of California. This is how I arrived at that general location.

The time period is correct including the month, also based upon setlist information gathered from the above websites.

Now, on to the goods!

This is a marginal audience recording of what has to be arguably the finest IABD show I have ever heard. There's a guitarist present at this show. Man, is he hot. I wish I knew who he was. To me, the quality of the performance far surpasses any other live releases, and trumps the recording quality. You will have to listen to the sample in order to determine if this show is right to be added to your collection.

This show has been restored by Professor Goody to the best of his superlative abilities. Thanks!!

Setlist: Runtime about 55 minutes, presumed all or most of this show

01) Intro/White Bird
02) Don And Dewey
03) No Word For Glad
04) Angels And Animals
05) Lady Love
06) Bye Bye Baby
07) Get Humped
08) Creed Of Love
09) Misery Loves Company

Lineage: ? -> Reel to reel tape ->Audacity ->WAV ->Pervfessor Goody ->Audition (Pitch bender -22 cents; Auto align channels and center panning; Hard limit to -.01dB) ->me->Sound Forge 11.0 track splitup ->FLAC via TLH level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked


A DoinkerTape

Maybe more coming, maybe??