Itís A Beautiful Day
August 18, 2001
Marin Music Festival
Civic Center Lagoon
San Rafael, CA

1) Don & Dewey >
2) Don & Dewey
3) Creed Of Love
4) Soapstone Mountain
5) Whoís Gonna Love Me
6) Grand Camel Sweep
7) Hot Summers Day
8) Donít Do Me
9) Pick Up Sticks >
10) White Bird

~a Bigfoot disc~

audience recording by Sandy A., aka Bigfoot

lineage is an educated guess based on documented lineage of other Bigfoot recordings made that year:
two Neumann KM254 microphones > (either a Sony D8 or a Tascam DA-P1) DAT
transfer: digital out > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Sound Forge > .wav files

.wav files copied from Sandy's computer by RH to an external hard drive, then copied to one of Easy Ed's external hard drives > one of Easy Ed's PCs > Trader's Little Helper > flacs (level 8 align on sector boundaries), ffp and torrent files