It's A Beautiful Day
Plaza Palomino
Tucson, AZ
October 8, 2010

Source: Sonic Studio DSM-6S Mics>Sonic Studios PA-6LC2 LoCut>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

1st set:
01) Don and Dewey (10:05)
02) Creed of Love (5:18)
03) Hot Summer Day* (11:51)
04) Girl with No Eyes (5:14)
05) ? (7:14)
06) Grand Camel Suite (3:09)
07) Night Song (7:05)
08) Santa Cruz (11:47)
Total: (61:44)

2nd set:
01) Bombay Calling (9:12)
02) You're Gonna Get What's Coming* (5:43)
03) Who's Gonna Love Me Now? (4:12)
04) Pick Up Sticks (7:23)
05) Soapstone Mountain (4:47)
06) White Bird (7:53)
07) Lost in Paradise (7:14)
08) Swept Away (5:56)
09) Time Is (7:09)
Total: (63:29)

* = w/Lisa Laflamme on vocals

David Laflamme - vocals, violin
Linda Laflamme - vocals
Val Fuentes - drums
Toby Gray - bass
Gary Thomas - keys
Rob Espinosa - guitar

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-1st off I'd like to thank the band, the promoter (Jonathon Holden), the soundman (Dave Kilgore), and my friend Lize for making this recording possible.
I showed up with my equipment not knowing what the taper's policy was for the band, but knowing I'd seen good latter day audience recordings over the
10 years from them, so I assumed they were OK with it. Lize, my friend who volunteers for Rhythm and Roots productions, asked Jonathon if it was OK for
me to record and he asked the band, who gave their approval. Dave, the soundman, let me set up FOB about 30' from stage a bit left-center. Dave also did
an incredible job with sound IMO.
-that being said, the quality on this one is great!!! One of my best sounding recordings ever. Easily an "A-" bordering on an "A". Mics were on baffle
about 7-8' high and 30' back FOB left center. The Plaza is outdoors, but it still sounds amazing!
-crowd was mainly aging hippies drinking wine and beers in this upscale outdoor shopping mall that's come upon hard economic times.
-real nice show. David and Linda's voices are as strong as ever and the band was tight. Special guest appearance by their daughter, Lisa on a couple
tunes too. David still loves to talk and talk and talk between tunes spinning his yarns - most quite amusing.
-please do not sell at all!!! or trade in any lossy format or the Gods of Karma will strike you down!!! Please do trade freely and widely.
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seeded by Matt23.

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