It's A Beautiful Day
The New Roscoe, Leeds, UK
4th August 2013

It's A Beautiful day were:
David LaFlamme - Vocals, Violin
Linda LaFlamme - Vocals, Percussion
Matt Wheatley - Drums
Steve Browning - Bass
Robin Espinosa - Guitar

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Many thanks to BigDee for the excellent mastering. there are a few minor sound problems in early part of the IABD set 1 but that is mainly down to the venue.

NOTE: I have labelled this as West Coast in deference to the headline act. Plumhall are very definitely British probably more folk/singer-songwriters category certainly NOt West Coast.

Plumhall opened with a brief but excellent set. If they seem very self assured for an opening act they have both been around for a while. Michelle having been a member of Chumbawamba, Waking The Witch and The Accidental Tourists. Nick has been a member of the Hall Brothers nearly all his life and has supported Fairport Convention, Kate Rusby, Show of Hands and many more. They have a CD which should be released anytime soon. Well worth checking out. I am not certain that first track of theirs has correct title , if anyone can correct please do so.

This as you can gather from the recording was not a beautiful day in Leeds, in fact, it was more akin to monsoon season. What was weird was the fact I realised I had not seen this band for over 43 years (June 1970), only the violin player remained of the original band but the audience for the maost part seemed to have stepped out of some time vault from the late 60's. I don't have a clue where the clothes were bought, perhaps they had been in storage for just such an event. You could almost smell the patchouli, you probably would have smelt something else had smoking not been banned for quite a while in the UK. there was even trippy dancing , perhaps I was having a flashback to days long gone. One warning , if there was an olympic category for long rambling chats David LaFlamme would be a sure competitor for the US, he can even out talk Tom Russell or Jim White, hence I have tracked accordingly.

The band played a few "false endings" to songs throughout their set and by the time they did "White Bird" with an abrupt end the audience did not respond with applause waiting for them to start up again , hence the chat and the alternative finishes to "White Bird".

Plumhall (Michelle Plum and Nick B. Hall)
1. Don't Blame Yourself? (3.51)
2. Chat (1.19)
3. Trophy (4.06)
4. Chat (1.13)
5. Thundercloud (2.48)
6. No Fear (3.40)
7. Chat (0.29)
8. Silence Can Be Gold (3.42)
9. Chat & Tuning (1.18
10. Never Forget My Name (3.19)

It's A Beautiful Day

Set 1 (51.57)
1. Tuning/Intro & Chat (4.15)
2. Don And Dewey (5.25)
3. Chat (1.47)
4. Creed Of Love (4.11)
5. Song Intro (0.35)
6. Misery Loves Company (6.23)
7. Chat (3.32)
8. Hot Summer Day (7.45)
9. Chat (1.18)
10. San Francisco Nights (4.50)
11. Chat (5.56)
12. Soapstone Mountain (5.59)

Set 2 (50.56)
1. Intro & Chat (1.55)
2. Bombay Calling (8.33)
3. Girl With No Eyes (5.26)
4. Chat (2.03)
5. White Bird (6.40)
6. Chat & Alternative Finishes For White Bird (6.14)
7. Who's Gonna Love Me (4.08)
8. Time Is - Includes Band Intros (9.36)
9. Chat (0.43)
10. God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday) (5.36)

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