Music of Thelonius Monk (Marcus Roberts w/Jazz @ Lincoln Center Orchestra
Rose Theater
Broadcast date: 2010-04-02

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Thelonious Monk developed his angular melodies with small bands on smaller stages in the jazz clubs of New York City. Now, pianist Marcus Roberts joins the 16 piece Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra to re-imagine Monk at the considerably more expansive Rose Theater. Band members offer fresh arrangements of Monk's 'Epistrophy', 'Criss Cross' and 'Blue Monk.'

Announcer 2:28
We See 6:10

Announcer 0:57
Blue Monk 7:28

Announcer 0:55
Evidence 3:51

Announcer 0:20
Epistrophy 5:30

Announcer 3:29
Crepescule with Nellie 3:03

Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are 7:01

Announcer 0:54
Ugly Beauty 9:02

Announcer 0:54
Four in One 3:41

Voiceover Outro

Total Time: 57:57

Program Notes:

Marcus Roberts remains in awe of Monk’s “absolutely unparalleled contribution to modern jazz as an accompanist, bandleader and composer,” noting that Monk “was certainly one of the major architects of bebop and so many major people talk about how he taught them—Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie—he taught everybody what the style was about.” But Roberts also reminds us that Monk preferred not to play bebop itself, but that his own music was more thematically driven. “I always think of Monk as a poet who wrote short-form pieces, but pieces infinite in scope of design and in scope of improvisational possibilities,” says Roberts.

For Roberts, Monk’s music “is one-hundred percent about American jazz,” holding the essence of the past, but also the complexities of modern styles. “That’s what I think makes him so special,” says Roberts. “His rhythms are syncopated, there’s so much blues in every melody—he had such a beautiful way of reconciling all the oppositions in our music. His music could sound childlike yet adult. It’s merging of all of the contrasts of emotions, all of the tension that we all trouble with in life: Monk puts it in such a dignified, such a noble context that it’s hard to listen to Thelonious and not feel hope.”

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7f7ad1858d60ca321afe08a334cd5cf4 [shntool] 04 Blue Monk.flac
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e1a650827b3b7f695a51122de888b80b [shntool] 06 Evidence.flac
b1524c8bc70a003ee6ea2c3f3695ce4b [shntool] 07 Announcer.flac
56b08ef72727873612bc215c29be8a53 [shntool] 08 Epistrophy.flac
be2fae7eaf06587a1568eb22a83f9f2c [shntool] 09 Announcer.flac
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e2fa47351b08213c7496cddcdf4b8fa4 [shntool] 11 Announcer.flac
889b269f3627c807e70fd4feb6481d8f [shntool] 12 Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are.flac
daeb538e69d0c65284145a77c0feed82 [shntool] 13 Announcer.flac
4ac37b9e9946a5f114608968ae3acff8 [shntool] 14 Ugly Beauty.flac
d9f882f6cd2dfb9ae7a548c8c1ae9812 [shntool] 15 Announcer.flac
7f4d4ef3633738185f952f3a233f1b40 [shntool] 16 Four in One.flac
424ca125f2f581af1e0cf4cba2be12bb [shntool] 17 Voiceover Outro.flac

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