J.Geils & Magic Dick Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, Ca 10-30-94

Lineage: Unknown method of transfer from master DAT recording provided
by Third Eye Productions

Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor

01 Intro
02 Mean Old World
03 Nine Below Zero
04 Little Girl
05 Pontiac Blues
06 Can't Hold Out Much Longer
07 I Got to Find My Baby
08 She's the No Sleepin'est Woman
09 That's Alright
10 That's Alright
11 The Stuff You Gotta Watch
12 Early in the Morning
13 Whammer Jammer
14 Iodine in My Coffee
15 Roller Coaster/Crazy Legs/I Got to Go
16 It's My Life Baby
17 Checkin Up on My Baby

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