The J. Geils Band
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Massachusetts
December 29, 1999

Lineage: Unknown (CD Trade) => EAC => FLAC Front-end (level 8)

Disc one (71:26):
(1) Just Can't Stop Me (4:03)
(2) Southside Shuffle (5:00)
(3) Homework (4:04)
(4) Pack Fair and Square (4:35)
(5) Sanctuary (4:05)
(6) Cruisin' For A Love (5:49)
(7) One Last Kiss (5:01)
(8) Freeze Frame (3:52)
(9) Hard Driving Man (4:53)
(10) The Usual Place (4:47)
(11) Surrender (3:50)
(12) So Sharp (4:25)
(13) Detroit Breakdown (6:13)
(14) Teresa (4:05)
(15) Give It To Me (6:36)

Disc two (71:47):
(1) Must of Got Lost (8:39)
(2) Love Stinks (4:24)
(3) Looking For A Love (3:30)
(4) Whammer Jammer (2:55)
(5) (Ain't Nothing But A) House Party (5:28)
(6) Where Did Our Love Go? (4:11)
(7) Centerfold (5:23)
(8) First I Look At The Purse (4:16)
(9) Start All Over (5:33)
(10) I Do (3:19)
(11) Band Introductions/Peaches Tree (4:42)
(12) Love-Itis (4:19)
(13) Just Can't Wait (4:49)
(14) Land of 1000 Dances (10:13)

Fingerprint file is included. Sorry, no artwork.

Comments: Amazing show. I believe this is the same source as documented on the fine J. Geils site referenced in an earlier J. Geils torrent ( ) -

"The tour was over when they played this show. It's a benefit for Worcester Firefighters who died a few weeks before and the it's next to last show ever. They played a last time for the new year's eve and then, everything was over. On the original tape, the sound is very muddy, a little flat and with far too much bass. But, there is no crown noise. So I remastered this tape removing hiss, bass and white noise. Then, I expanded the stereo and added some dynamic to the sound. By now, it's, by far, the best sounding show of the '99 tour. The sound is so good that it could be a soundboard recording. So, this is one I already got in my car. The setlist is slightly different than before in the year : 'Night Time' was dropped, replaced with 'Surrender' and 'The Usual Place'. Two nice songs very well played that night. The beginning of the 'Musta Got Lost' rap is cut on the tape but all the music is here. The band played 9 encores that night including a long version of 'Land Of A Thousand Dances'. As a guest, Stephen Jo Bladd did the background vocals on 'Start All Over' and 'I Do'. 'One Last Kiss' is dedicated to the families of the firefighters. All in all, maybe my favorite bootleg."

I agree with everything in the reviewer's comment - the band is having a GREAT time in their hometown, and the setlist is perfect. I think this recording is the remastered version; it certainly doesn't sound muddy or bassy (judge for yourself on the mp3 samples).

If you like this band at all, or just are a fan of old-time Motown R&B and/or Chicago blues, this one's definitely worth the d/l. J. Geils at the top of their game -- makes you really hope that it's not another 17-year wait for the next reunion.