JACEK KOCHAN & AJEE feat. Greg Osby 2004-07-02 Summer Jazz Days, Lapidarium Palacu Kultury i Nauki, Warsaw, Poland (reseed)

JACEK KOCHAN & AJEE feat. Greg Osby
(july 2, 2004)
13th Warsaw Summer Jazz Days
Lapidarium Palacu Kultury i Nauki
Warsaw, Poland

"AJEE" (Accoustic Jazz in Electronic Environment)

audience recording


1. ? 8.50
2. ? 24:02
3. ? 22:02
4. ? 9:26

total time 64:21 min.

Jacek Kochan - drums
Steven Bernstein - trumpet
Greg Osby - sax
Vernon Reid - guitar
Christian Spering - bass
Sorbee - live electronics, turntable, sampler, sequenzer


Jacek Kochan,
composer, arranger, producer and drummer begun his adventure with music in seventies.
In early 80-ties he moved to New York. There he have played and recorded with jazz,
funk and r&b bands and studied among the others.with Jaco Pastorius, Mike Clark, Robbie Gonzales.

By the mid 80's, Jacek moved to Montreal, where he further expanded his musical lexicon
to include writing for choirs and orchestra (Tudor Singers, Repercussion) as well as playing
and recording ethnic music (latin , african , balkan). There he worked with Michel Donato,
Karen Young, Andrew Leroux, Yannick Rieu, Oliver Jones, Jean-Pierrre Zanella, Michel Cusson,
Katleen Dyson, Helmut Lipsky, Lazaro Saucedo, Geoff Lapp, Johnny Scott and many others,
perfoming at the clubs and jazz festivals.

In 1990 , after moving to Toronto, he started to work as a leader and sideman in countless
live and recording projects with artists like John Abercrombie, Jerry Bergonzi, Pat Labarbera,
Kenny Wheeler, Don Thompson, Mike Murley, Neil Swainson, Reggie Schwager, Lorne Lofsky,
Bernie Senensky, John MacLeod, Dave Restivo and Brian Dickinson.

In 1995 he returned to Europe where he continues to compose, play, tour and record music with artists
like Dave Liebman, Greg Osby, Marc Copland, Gary Thomas, Joey Calderazzo, Palle Mikkelborg,
Eddie Henderson, Dave Tronzo, Briggan Krauss, Cuong Vu, Eric Vloeimans, Lars Danielsson,
Dave Fiuczynski, Bo Stief, Christian Spering, Michel Benita, Furio DiCastri, Franz Hautzinger,
Klaus Dickbauer , Eddie Schuller, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Axel D�rner, Ernesto Molinari, Francois Corneloup,
Krzysztof Knittel, Skerik, Tomas Stanko, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Adam Pieronczyk, Piotr Wojtasik,
Assif Tsahar, Tomasz Szukalski, Maciej Sikala and Piotr Baron.


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