Jack Bruce Live in the Studio 71
music plus interviews

To me this is kind of an "oddball" CD but I know
some of you Jack Bruce collectors may enjoy it.

It is purportedly recorded in an unknown
London recording studio, sometime in 1971
lineage unknown, but probably low gen cassette to CDR.
None of this has been commercially released.


1 You Burned The Tables on Me
2 Theme For an Imaginary Western Jack solo on piano
3 Short Interview with Jack
4 Politician - this is a wierd version of the song
Jack seems a little "wasted" and I swear you can hear
him snort something at the beginning.
He also keeps calling it "The Politician"
5 Short Interview with Jack
6 Rope Ladder To The Moon - Jack solo with only guitar
7 Folksong
8 Short Interview with Jack
9 Manic Depression - crazy version with electric band - but I am not convinced that this is 71
10 Wind Cries Mary - has French speaking announcer at beginning

taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection