Jack Bruce Band - Live at The Old Waldorf 77
Jack Bruce and band played 4 shows at the Old Waldorf Theater in San Francisco, California in 1977.
They played two shows on December 9th, 1977 and two more shows the next day on December 10th, 1977.
This recording is an FM broadcast from one of the shows they played but it is not known exactly which one.
It is probably incomplete, but in all my years of hunting down Jack Bruce shows, it is the best version I can find.
If any of the other three shows have surfaced, they have not been torrented or commonly traded.

The Jack Bruce Band at the time consisted of Jack, Simon Phillips, Hughie Burns and Tony Hymas.


1 Born Under A Bad Sign
2 Morning Story
3 Theme For An Imaginary Western
4 Los Angeles (with Hugie Burns on vocals)
5 Politician
6 A Letter Of Thanks
7 Sunshine Of Your Love
8 Spirit
9 Something To Live For

Radio station identifications, or disc jockey banter, was removed
from the ends of tracks 4, 5, 7 and 8 with tasteful fadeouts.
The fades were performed during the applause and no music seems to be missing.
I personally would have left the station I.D.s in, but no one can go back and change what the original taper did.
The exact lineage is unknown but probably FM broadcast > cassette tape > CDR.
The sound quality is very good.

Taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection