Jack Bruce & Friends .... March 13, 1980 (First Show) (8:45 PM)
The Bayou, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Jack Bruce - bass, keyboards & lead vocals
Clem Clempson - guitar & bass
David Sancious - keyboards & guitar
Billy Cobham - drums

Taper: bpthree
Taping Gear: Sony TC-1100T with Sony ECM-16 condenser microphone
Lineage: Maxell UD master cassette> Teac A-550RX cassette playback> TASCAM CDRW-700> Trade CD-R> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg/vg+
Length: 90:57 minutes
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.

Set List:

Disc One (Time 45:43m):
1. White Room
2. Jet Set Jewel
3. Born Under A Bad Sign
4. Post War
5. ????
6. ????

Disc Two (45:14m):
1. Theme From An Imaginary Western
2. Quadrant 4
3. Bird Alone
4. Sunshine Of Your Love
5. N.S.U.

Taper's Comments:

1 - HELP!! If you have any uncirculated SPIRIT shows, or better quality FM
broadcasts than what's been posted here before, please share them. If you
know anybody who has shows that fit this category that aren't on DIME, please
dub off their stuff and share it. I'm trying to write a book on SPIRIT and need
all the information I can get. I have a database of over 1500 gigs 1967-1996, and
want to find as much information as I can to add to it. If you have any memories
of where you saw SPIRIT, the more specific the better (venue, city, date, supporting
bands, etc.), I'd love to know that as well. Please leave that in the comments
section or PM me. Thank you!

2 - Show description & comments follow:

"The Bayou" was a legendary club in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC,
located by the Potomac River, under an overhead section of the Whitehurst
Freeway. It lasted into the 21st Century, but it was closed because the property
was worth more as office space than a nightclub. What a loss. Many famous acts
played here on their way up or down, such as U2, SRV, Dire Straits, The Pretenders,

This was the first time I ever had the pleasure of seeing the legendary Jack Bruce.
I had previously been scheduled to see him at the "Cellar Door" circa "HOW'S TRICKS",
but the show was cancelled due to Jack's vocal issues. I was not disappointed, as
the All Star band delivered a great cross section of CREAM, Jack solo, and new
material from the "I've Always Wanted To Do This" album. Enjoy!


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Prepared by Jeff James (roryglzep@aol.com)

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