Jack Bruce & Friends
"Live at The University of Surrey"
Guildford, England
Recorded on May 11, 1981

Jack Bruce & Friends at the time was :
Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Clem Clempson & David Sancious

Lineage: Near Excellent FM broadcast from
first generation tape > Soundforge > FLAC


1 Hit And Run
2 Livin Without You
3 Postwar
4 Dancing On Air
5 In This Way
6 Theme For an Imaginary Western
7 Facelift 318
8 There's A Forest
9 Morning Story *see notes below
10 Tightrope
11 Politician
12 Bird Alone


There was a tape cut at appx 4:59 into
"Morning Story". It happened very abruptly.
I faded it out there and back into Jack's bass
"noodling" part of his bass solo, as this was the
very best I could do to keep the show going
smoothly and not come to a "crashing halt" at that spot.
I'm sure you will like the results.

taken from hopboy's Jack Bruce Collection