Jack Bruce & The Cuicoland Express Band
Park West
Chicago, Illinois
December 14th 2001

Jack Bruce (bass/keyboard/vocals),
Vernon Reid (guitar),
Bernie Worrell (keyboard),
El Negro Horacio Hernandez (drums),
Robby Ameen (drums),
Richie Flores (congas).

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*EX- quality- check samples...

CD 1

T1 Surge 2:52 (cuts in)
T2 Out Into The Fields 5:23
T3 52nd Street 10:03
T4 Heartquake 7:09
T5 This Anger's A Liar 10:14
T6 Sunshine Of Your Love 11:40
T7 Theme For An Imaginary Western 6:24
T8 Milonga 6:38

CD 2

T1 Windowless Rooms 16:19
T2 Dark Heart 9:05
T3 White Room 11:17
T4 We're Going Wrong 7:57
T5 Politician 9:17
T6 ? 11:30

I got this in a trade a long time ago & not sure about how much it circulates. I have not seen it here & there is no listing on etree. Spectacular Band, Good material & a nice recording...

"This is a really great band, it's one of the best I've ever put together..." -Jack Bruce, July 2002

If you like this show- pick up the official DVD of this band.

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