Jack Bruce & Friends

Ayr Pavilion, Scotland
9th August 1983

w/ Clem Clempson, Bruce Gary, Ronnie Leahy

1. First Time I Met The Blues
2. White Room
3. Post War
4. Born Under a Bad Sign
5. Life On Earth
6. Out Into The Fields
7. Sitting on Top of the World
8. One Word

9. Working Class Boys
10. Theme for an Imaginary Western
11. Morning Story
12. Politician
13. Bird Alone
14. Sunshine of Your Love > NSU
15. Have the Blues Done Left This Town?

Lineage: Sony Mic > Sony Walkman Pro
Transfer: 1st gen cassettes > Yamaha KX-330 > ADC > Dio2496 > Soundforge (edits) > HarBal

I have checked with the taper and his masters no longer exist. He has no recollection of giving anyone else a copy.

I received this on a C90 and one side of a C60. It was taped on 2xC90s, so there are tape flips at around 45/90 and for the final encore, which I have tidied up. The C60 was a slightly inferior tape and I could hear the difference in quality, predominantly a dulling. I have balanced this as best I can in HarBal.