Clem Clemson- guitar
Ronnie Lahey- keyboards
Jack Bruce- bass
Bruce Day?- drums
Jonathan Swift's
Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.
July 10, 1984
(2 different shows)
filename: JackBruce71084flac16
performance quality: A- (very good)
recording quality: B to B+ (ditto)
source: master audience tape
lineage: Realistic twinhead stereo mike >
Sony D-6 deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII cassettes >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 >
FLAC 6 > torrent. This is another in glasnostrd19's
Masters of Rock series.
Masters of rock from master audience tapes.
setlist (what I know of it. There were just 3 shows listed for 84 from Jack on etree.
The closest to this, in NYC July, was listed as a one setter, alot shorter
than this which was a 2 setter that sounded more like 1 long show, all
different songs. I liked that about Jonathan Swift's shows, the same was true
at Cobham in 86, Weber in 79 and Oregon in 1985.)
Early show 71:34
1: ?
2: white room
3: ?
4: ?
5: ?
6: make love part II
7: theme from an imaginary western
8: ? (spliced, tape flip)
9: living without you
10: band introductions
11: ?
12: politician

Late show 62:00
13: born under a bad sign
14: postwar
15: ?
16: resolution
17: medley: I feel free >
spoonful >
18: sunshine of your love
I'm not at all familiar with the drummer and keyboard player in this show, and
wasn't able to understand their names in the band introductions, although most of
the songs are familiar (even though not all the titles are to me) and it's like one
130 minute Jack Bruce show. it was a good show (of course my favorite Jack show is
Lynn, Ma. 1980, intended to be my 1st upload ever but that didn't work out according
to plan. long story already told...) That show is up already, so are Prov. and Boston 89.
This is the last Jack I have that's new to you, all from my masters except for 3 songs
of the Lynn 1980 show, 1st time seeds from me. They are all nice shows and fairly similar
quality. This one has just 1 interruption for a tape flip in the 1st set (track 8),
everything else is complete and only a few seconds is missing for the flip. After missing
Sunshine of your Love completely the 1st time I saw Jack Bruce, this time it's all there
along with some nice jamming and extended versions. Another good Postwar (although Lynn
was the best performance and recording I've ever heard of that one) and this is my only
Jack concert recording with Resolution, a song better known from the Mahavishnu Orch.
Birds of Fire tour (even though Jack wrote it). Most of the untitled songs are probably
solo Jack tunes. It's not quite David Sanctious and Billy Cobham, but the band sounded
tight and together, and the fourth element of that great band is in this one too- Clem Clemson.
Every Jack Bruce show I've seen all have some distinct common elements:
1: every one has started at least an hour later than scheduled for (usually closer to 2).
2: Jack doesn't start playing until he's ready.
3: When Jack starts playing, he sounds ready to play and inspired.
4: the songs and bands change, but the music always sounds good.
The crowd response has always been very appreciative, as it was here. Jonathan Swift's
was host to some very good shows. It was a fairly small place, a supper club. I only
have a few from there, and I'd say this, Terje Rypdal, Eberhard Weber and Bass Desires
are the 4 best shows I've recorded there (performance-wise). The Rypdal is up. The Weber is
coming. As for bass desires, that's in my hushpuppy HD but out of my hands (maybe only
temporarily). Jack did "living without you" and one other song on Sat. Night Live TV in
late 1980 with the Clemson/Sancious/Cobham lineup.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Whether your passion is Abercrombie,
Ginger Baker or Bon Scott, (or all the above)
we all gotta have the Jack!