Blues Sarancino- guitar
Bernie Worrell- keyboards
Jack Bruce- bass
Tom Goss- drums (1st set)
Ginger Baker- drums (2nd set)
Paradise Rock Club
(at this point it was probably still called "Paradise Theater",
but it's never been a theater since it started in Nov. 1977
and eventually hipped up to reality and changed their name).
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
December 6, 1989
performance quality: B+
recording quality: B+
source: master audience tape
lineage: Realistic mini-mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrent.
This is another in glasnostrd19's
Masters of Rock series. Masters of
rock from master audience tapes.
setlist 1st set 44:05
1: life on earth
2: no surrender
3: born under a bad sign
4: tickets to waterfalls
5: theme from an imaginary western
6: keep it down
2nd set 75:29
7: N.S.U.
8: obsession
9: sunshine of your love
11: rollin' and tumblin'
12: toad
13: sittin' on top of the world >
14: politician (spliced, tape flip)
15: encore break
16: spoonful
This show is very much like my Providence 89 upload, with a few distinct differences.
The setlists are very similar, the difference being the Ginger set here is considerably
longer and the songs more stretched out and jammed. This was a more high-energy performance.
I was slightly to the right of center stage about 20 feet back from it. Not alot of crowd
noise in the recording, the 1st set is complete, and the second missing just a few seconds
for a tape flip in track 14 (most people would call it disc 2 track 7 but that's too
confusing for me to log so I list all my tracks like one show unless it is 2 shows with much
duplication of songs. Both this and Prov. 89 were 2 sets, but just 1 admission for both).
If you don't want 2 very similar 89 JB shows you may want to go for either this or the Prov.
but if you like Jack as much as many do, both are worth hearing (more than once). He is one
of the greatest bassists of them all, and to hear even a "Claptonless Cream" at this time was
very exciting. Blues Sarancino sounded quite good on the guitar in both these shows, and so
did Ginger on the drums. It had been a long time since Providence or Boston had seen Ginger
Baker, and his presence was very highly appreciated in both shows. Providence got shortchanged
on their Ginger set due to Jack's usual tardy start, and an early curfew (I think it must
have been a weeknight), Boston's show had a slightly later curfew so despite another long delay
for this show to start, and a short opening set, the Ginger set was hefty, maybe even longer than
usual for this tour.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.