Burnin' in Lynn!
Jack Bruce and Friends
David Sancious- keyboards and guitar
Clem Clemson- guitar
Jack Bruce- bass and lead vocals
Billy Cobham- drums

The Main Act Concert Club
Lynn, Mass. U.S.A. (north of Boston)
March 24, 1980
performance quality: A (it doesn't get much better)
recording quality: tracks 1, 12 and 13, B,
rest is B+
source: tracks 1, 11 and 12, 1st gen. aud. tape
All the rest is from my master audience tape
setlist: disc 1 72:13
1: white room (fades in)
2: jet set jewel
3: postwar
4: born under a bad sign
5: politician
6: ?
7: quadrant 4 (Billy Cobham)
8: ?
9: theme from an imaginary western
disc 2 45:03
10: drum solo and jam
11: N.S.U.
12: sunshine of your love
lineage: tracks 1, 11 and 12: Sony 152 deck dolby off
unknown mikes, Maxell XLII cassette >
my cassette (XLII) > same as rest from there...
A Danality production.
The rest is: Realistic twinhead stereo microphone >
Sony 156 cassette deck > Maxell XLI cassette >
soundforge 4.5 > CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrent.
The 1st generation tracks sound like they were recorded off
to the side of the stage and are a you're sorta kinda there
(maybe) production. The master tracks were recorded about 25
feet from center stage directly in front, and despite some
crowd noise and shuffling in a few parts, is a You Are There
production. As in Right there! Gettin' Jacked to the max!
Oh what a story there is with this, my very first uploaded attempt anywhere.
This is the torrent that gave the Mod Squad gray hair in 2007, not to mention
glasnostrd19. Before I knew how to seed a torrent, and was finding out there are
(alot) more ways to mess up a seed than there are to lose a World Series.
fortunately I've learned alot since then, and haven't had a seeding problem
for awhile.
This was possibly the most delayed upload in dime history. It was supposed
to be my first, but the Patriots were supposed to win the 2007 Super Bowl, and,
something went wrong (on both counts). but the Pats only have Tom Brady.
I've got Bertha III. I sincerely doubt Mr. Brady could stand up to the
pounding Bertha III, basically my main computer, has been put through over
the last 3 years...
I think this was Jack Bruce's only Boston area show (only one I knew of)
on the 1st tour with this group, and it was a burnfest! Jack is full of fire,
Billy sounds like he did in the M.O. days in parts of this show, (also playing
the same see-thru Fibes drums he played so well in the M.O.). A very hot show
all around. This recording gives you 2 very different perspectives on the Main
Act club. There's a very long story to this torrent. It was supposed to be my
very first uploaded torrent, but I had a problem upping it, then the computer
with my 1st 30 uploads in it died. I had planned it to be a "3 step torrent"
(master tape > soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrent. Many of my upcoming uploads
will be done in this manner) but the only difference now (besides a 3 month +
delay in making this available), is CD extractor in the lineage (to WAV- I
NEVER use MP3), it still sounds great and you will hear all those 30 initially
planned uploads (eventually). The good news, is the computer with most of my
uploads is working well now and just had a major overhaul (now Bertha III!)
so I've been getting some more shows ready to upload between figuring all the
upping stuff out (and pulling my hair out.) You like Feb, March and April shows?
That's what time is is now, and there will be a few more of those coming that
you probably haven't heard before, or maybe in better sound/lower gen. or more
complete than you've heard them before (including this great show).
I'm very sorry for the delay, aggravation and problems with my 1st attempt
to upload this torrent. Thanks to all who have patiently waited out the storm and
offered me advice/information on what I did wrong (including Dime moderator
Ruby Tuesday). The waiting is finally over! This show kept everybody waiting
awhile before it happened, that seems to happen alot at Jack Bruce shows.
Hopefully now that my torrents are flowing (at last!) I will have more Jackness
to share with you. (some more Bruce, and some other Jacks of equal interest).
This has got to be my best Jack Bruce recording. Been a personal favorite since
the day it happened. The Main Act was a nice place, the sound was great, they
took hours trying to get it right before the show and it was worth the effort,
apparently. Turn this one up. It kicks! Track 10 is a real long one, I think a
medley with 1 or 2 untitled tracks.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.

(from the original posting in Feb. 2008, with a few minor changes,
when this was one of my first few posts anywhere)

free and lossless trade is encouraged for all my torrents.
seeding is always encouraged (mine and posts of others too)
sale of any of my recordings is expressly prohibited. This includes Glasnost Radio
Productions, Purple Moon Productions, Danality Productions, You Are There Productions,
Tullnut Productions, Stud Muffin Productions, This and That productions, and any
other uploads from me, glasnostrd19. Glasnost Radio Productions is a music preservation
and sharing operation and does not make any profit from, or sell any of our recordings.
Some of these were made with band's permission to record for broadcast on the Glasnost
Radio show (on WCUW 91.3 FM Worcester, Mass. radio, late 1990-early 2001) Many have not
been heard except by a few people, or only over very inferior FM broadcasting conditions.
I will be sharing some of that sounding the way they were meant to sound, much better
than FM versions broadcasted, and in some cases, even better than the pre-FM recordings
I broadcasted. Some of these are sbds, some auds, some sbd/aud mix recordings.

Finally, regarding seeding, I don't seed all shows equally and thus don't expect you to
either. I've managed to get my share ratio to around ^ 2.8 without the benefit of a single
upload (and still get lots of music to enjoy from Dime) and done it basically by using
the following basic seeding standard. I use UTorrent, partly because it tells me how
many peers and seeds each torrent has that I download or upload at that time, and whether
any torrent on my tracker is being downloaded. This is very important for me to know
what shows I'm seeding to remove, and which to keep seeding (saving wasted bandwidth too).
1: if a show is really nice I will probably seed it till death do it part (a week or more)
2: If a show is good, I will try to seed it for 3 days, or until peer demand fizzles out.
3: if a show is okay, I will seed it for at least 24 hours (even if no peers initally)
4: if a torrent is a poor show, or lousy recording, or especially if clipped/pegged/glitchy
or gapped, Unless it's super-mega-ultra-rare (or good) show, I will not save it for myself
and delete it immediately without seeding. (If I am made aware of this and choose to DL it
anyway, which is very unusual, then I will seed it. If it is listed as "EX quality" or
"VG" then I expect better than that, if I don't hear it, I delete it immediately.).
Obviously too, if peer demand is very high for a seed, I will seed it for extra time (unless
it involves a rule violation of DIME, or "bonos audios", as we like to call it at Glasnost Radio
Productions.) So if you DL something of mine and are not impressed (for any reason), I don't
expect you to seed it, but if you like what you hear (and you will like some of it), please
do your part to slick the stream and seed it. I suspect that if others apply a similar
seeding standard with my uploads that I've used for theirs the 3 months I've been with dime,
I'll be able to get alot of my stuff out to you this spring and summer. It will take some time
to get them out there, but seeding can definitely help speed things along. I'm looking forward
to this. The hardest part of this process for me was done months ago. If I am able to seed
something requested (either my own or another uploader's torrent that I've downloaded) I will
do so. The whole concept of Glasnost Radio and its "productions" is about sharing, so dime seems
a logical extension for it to go since they share the same intent. (Glasnost means "openness"
in Russian, remember Mickail Gorbachev?). It's logical to think with a webname like glasnostrd19
that I must be Russian. A little bit only, I'm an American born and raised, one quarter Russian,
three quarters Polish American. Never seen either place. Looking forward to sharing lots of fine
music with the dime folks who have enhanced my music collection so much. That will include some
remasters, upgrades and longer versions of previously seeded torrents here on dime.