Jack Bruce & Friends
"Live at The Venue" London, England
Recorded on July 28 1980
It is not known if this is the early or late show that day.

Jack Bruce & Friends at the time were
Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Clem Clempson & David Sancious

This is an excellent quality soundboard recording.
Its an outstanding show, but unfortunately, it is incomplete.
The exact lineage is un-known, but it has to have
been from a very low gen tape.



1 White Room
2 Postwar
3 Jet Set Jewel
4 Living Without You - first time played
5 Politician
6 X Marks The Spot
7 Running Through Our Hands - cuts out abruptly at 4:48


1 Theme For An Imaginary Western - some notes at the very beginning clipped off
2 There's A Forest
3 Morning Story
4 Mickey The Fiddler
5 Bird Alone
6 Drum solo - cuts out abruptly at 7:43

Notes: This show has tons of dynamic range.
Because of this, perhaps a hundred tiny analogue
ticks occurred during transfer to CDR, mostly in between
songs where there was some low volume stage banter occuring.

I donít release shows that have any removable ticks or pops in them,
so I spent an afternoon or two removing them - by hand.
No noise reduction was used at all.
Also, there were approximately four very brief
one channel drop-outs which I repaired so that not even
a "sound professional" can find, nor hear them, now.
I also repaired a loud glitch in Billy's drum solo.
I also retracked it minimally to my liking.

Taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection

Special thanks go out to one of my new Jack Bruce lovin' friends : agalli