Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band

Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Newcastle Upon Tyne
31st March 2012

Traditional Victorian Theatre - 1,100 Capacity

Band :
Jack Bruce - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Tony Remy - Lead Guitar
Frank Tontoh - Drums
Paddy Milner - Keyboards
Nick Cohen - Additional Bass Guitar
Winston Rollins - Trombone
Derek Nash - Saxophone
Paul Newton - Trumpet

01 Can You Follow? - Morning Story
02 You Burned The Tables On Me
03 Neighbour Neighbour
04 Childsong
05 Weird Of Hermiston
06 Tickets To Waterfalls
07 Theme From An Imaginary Western
08 Spoonful
09 Born Under A Bad Sign
10 We're Going Wrong
11 Deserted Cities
12 White Room
13 Frank Tontoh Drum Solo
14 Sunshine Of Your Love
15 Encore Break
16 Politician

Recorded by Lesterferget
Centre of Row 2 in the stalls


TASCAM DR-40 Sound Forge Pro 10 Traders Little Helper
Internal Mics => Track Split => Conversion to FLAC Level 8 => Torrent Site
WAV 24 bit/48k Wav 16 bit/44.1k Create FFP Checksum
Light Remastering Align Sector Boundaries (fix)

Light remastering involved raising the overall volume (file came out of the
DR-40 a bit quiet) and lightly boosting all frequencies above 450 Hz
in an attempt to "lift" the sound above the slight "muddyness" in the
original recording.

If burning to CD I'd suggest Tracks 1 to 10 for CD 1 and Tracks 11 to 16 for CD 2

Soundwise - 7.5 out of 10

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