Jack Bruce And The Cuicoland Express
Park West Chicago Illinois December-14-2001
Krw_Co Dat Master

Lineage Audience Dat Master Fiber Optic Clone To Cdr To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8

Gear Sony M1 Dat Recorder/Sound Pro Mics

The Band
Jack Bruce Bass Vocals
Vernon Reid Guitar
Bernie Worrell Keyboards
Horacio Hernandez Drums
Robby Ameen Drums
Richie Flores Congas

Cd 1
1 Surge
2 Out Into The Fields
3 52Nd Street
4 Heartquake
5 This Anger's A Liar
6 Sunshine Of Your Love
7 Theme For An Imaginary Western
8 Milonga
Cd 2
1 Windowless Rooms
2 Dark Heart
3 White Room
4 We're Going Wrong
5 Politician
6 ?
Krw_Co Dat Master

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