The Cream of Jack Bruce and The Cuicoland Express
Live at B.B. King's Club & Grille in New York City in 2001 and 2002
Liberated 4 CD Box Set

The box sets rear cover basically says this, which is slightly confusing, but here it is:

All of CD one and tracks one to four of CD2 are "Cream Of Jack Bruce"
Jack Bruce, Godfrey Townsend, Steve Murphy and Bernie Worrell
recorded at BB Kings on October 18, 2002.

Tracks five thru nine of CD2 and all of CD3 are The Cuicoland Express
recorded at BB Kings on October 19, 2002.
Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, Bernie Worrell, El Negro Horacio Hernandez,
Robby Ameen, and Richie Flores

Tracks one thru seven of CD4 are The Cuicoland Express
recorded at BB Kings on December 12th, 2001

I assume all of this info to be correct - as best as possible.

The very last track - "He The Richmond" is an un-released acoustic version.
I personally would have left it off, as it is quite heavily distorted,
but thatís the way the box set came, and so be it.

2 Deserted Cities Of The Heart
3 Sleepy Time Time
4 Cities Of Gold
5 I'm So Glad
6 Keep It Down
7 Sunshine Of Your Love
8 Rollin And Tumbling
9 Milonga
10 Born Under A Bad Sign

1 Theme For An Imaginary Western
2 Spoonful
3 White Room
4 Politician
5 Surge
6 Out Into The Fields
7 52nd Street
8 Heart Quake
9 This Angerís A Liar

1 Sunshine Of Your Love
2 Theme For An Imaginary Western
3 Milonga
4 I Feel Free
5 Windowless Rooms
6 Dark Heart
7 White Room
8 We're Going Wrong
9 Politician
10 52nd Street

1 Heart Quake
2 This Angerís A Liar
3 Sunshine Of Your Love
4 Theme For An Imaginary Western
5 Milonga
6 Windowless Rooms
7 White Room
8 He The Richmond

Box set artwork and gig advertizement included
Sorry that the artwork is not in better resolution

taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection