Jack Bruce meets the BBC Big Band
Birmingham Town Hall UK
Friday 14 November 8:00pm

File 356mb
Time 55.40
Lineage Analogue FM R1 Cooledit Flac TLH (compression 6) aligned


Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
Smiles and Grins
Deserted Cities of the Heart
Born Under a Bad Sign
Theme from an Imaginary Western
White Room
Sunshine of your Love


01jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:183e56aecbfe63e17ff07884b93b8b3e
02jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:b0e4f0aed51e8aa1af50f6f30466d279
03jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:5cda09192d0927a447b8f993b5f6ac5b
04jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:f2fcfd3bf9bfb5469daa51ae813300e0
05jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:7a6daa29e657580a8abe7b18b976415c
06jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:0de16805f202dbf0ee0e293f033dca97
07jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:639ea5623f44aa9eadf7d599a535d27d
08jb with bbc big band 2008.flac:24ae60ee3e7ea0df75a2e47060921c7c