Jack Bruce Band October 11, 1988
"Live at The Bottom Line" N.Y.C. - early show

Very Good Audience.

Exact lineage unknown ~ but certainly low gen.

Not to be confused with October 10, 1988 "Bottom Line" N.Y.C. early show
that's commonly called “First Reunion Since Cream", which had the legendary
Eric Clapton playing guitar, only on the encores (Spoonful and Sunshine)

Also not to be confused with the October 11, 1988 Bottom Line late show
which included Mick Taylor on guitar.


1. As You Said
2. Rope Ladder To The Moon
3. He The Richmond
4. First Time I Met The Blues
5. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
6. White Room
7. Born Under A Bad Sign
8. Sleepy Time Time (incomplete - cuts out at 1:32)


1. Tickets To Waterfalls
2. Theme For An Immaginary Western
3. Cold Island (For Cozy peowell)
4. Morning Story
5. Sitting On Top Of The World
6. Politician
7. NSU
8. Spoonful (incomplete - cuts out at 1:32)

Jack Bruce
Pat Thrall
David Bravo
Anton Fier

Taken from Hopboys Jack Bruce collection

Jan. 2012