22nd April - 9th June: JACK BRUCE BAND � European Tour
Volume 05:Voorburg

This is part five of a series of rare recordings of Mick Taylor with the Jack Bruce Band in Europe 1975. With thanks to nzb who provided half a dozen of rare shows (Offenbach, Voorburg, Geleen, Hamburg, Glasgow & London), thanks to Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who send me all of his tapes from this era and gave critic regarding my work and to my friend Riccardo (MrNo) who participated to a big part of my collection.

8th May 1975: Voorburg, Netherlands, De Vliegermolen
Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jack Bruce (voc, bass)/Carla Bley (org, synth, el p, mellotron)/Ronnie
Leahy (el p, synth)/Bruce Gary (dr)

01 -Can You Follow?
02 - Morning Story
03 - Keep It Down
04 - Pieces Of Mind
05 - Tickets To Waterfalls-Weird Of Hermiston-Post War
06 - Band introduction
07 -Spirit
01 - Out Into The Fields
02 - Without A Word
03 - Timeslip
04- Smiles And Grins
05 - Sunshine Of Your Love
(infos taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf www.nzentgraf.de/books/mt/taylor1.htm).

This tape came from nzb. The two channels were unbalanced so I re-recorded all the tracks with + 60% to the right channel and increased the volume +6db�.. OK the sound is not perfect but better and more comfortable.
I edited a gap and a segment repeated at the end of �Smiles & Grins� and put a fade in/out before the encore �Sunshine Of Your Love�

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