22nd April - 9th June: JACK BRUCE BAND � European Tour
Volume 12: London

This is the last part of a series of rare recordings of Mick Taylor with the Jack Bruce Band in Europe 1975. With thanks to nzb who provided half a dozen of rare shows (Offenbach, Voorburg, Geleen, Hamburg, Glasgow & London), thanks to Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who sent me all of his tapes from this era and gave critic and advise regarding my work and to my friend Riccardo (MrNo) who participated to a big part of my collection.

07th June: London, Crystal Palace Concert Bowl, 'Garden Party VIII'
Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jack Bruce (voc, bass)/Carla Bley (org, synth, el p, mellotron)/Ronnie
Leahy (el p, synth)/Bruce Gary (dr)

01 - Can You Follow?
02 - Morning Story
03 - Keep It Down
04 - Pieces Of Mind
05 - You Burned The Tables On Me
06 - Out On The Fields
07- Spirit
01 - Tickets To Waterfalls-Weird Of Hermiston-Post War
02 - Smiles And Grins
(infos taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf

This recording comes from nzb's collection. It�s a good tape transfer, only a little muddy. I added a little more treble without any saturation. Some little defaults/clicks or noises deleted on:
- �Can You Follow?� at 27s, 1�40 and 2�06
- �Morning Story� at 5�41
- �Keep It Down� at 1�40
- �Pieces Of Mind� at 6�13
- �Tickets...-medley�: two digital noises at 15s and a gap at 7�10 (impossible to upgrade and
probably coming from the change of the tape by the recorder) and at 23�45
-�Smiles And Grins� at 5�03, 5�10, 8�21 and 17�15
There were sound intensity problems in the beginning of �Smiles And Grins�: after 1�15 the sound was decreasing, so I amplified the remaining signal and I restored to a correct sound intensity (but still with some wobbles: it�s not perfect, but surely better).
The encore of this show is probably missing!
I have reworked the beginnings/ends of the cd-r with fade-ins & -outs.
A very good show for this era and my favorite from this series.
Posted on IORR by StonyRoad in March 2017.

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