JACK BRUCE "First Reunion Since Cream"
The Bottom Line NYC with Eric Clapton 10.10.88

Lineage: Silver CD on Continental Sounds SIAE CS.CD5-505>
Burned to HD via Winamp>Converted via FLAC Frontend> To DaD


Excellent audience recording, close to Jacks side of the Stage.
w/Anton Fig on Drums, Pat Thrall on Guitar and unknown Keys with
special appearance by Eric Clapton* on "Spoonful & Sunshine"

01.) As You Said (04:19)
02.) Rope Ladder To The Moon (03:13)
03.) He The Rich Man (05:16)
04.) First Time I Met The Blues (04:13)
05.) Deserted Cities Of The Heart (04:11)
06.) White Room (05:56)
07.) Born Under A Bad Sign (07:21)
08.) Ticket To Waterfalls (04:34)
09.) Theme To An Imaginary Western (04:48)
10.) Sitting On Top Of The World (04:20)
11.) Politician (06:36)
12.) Spoonful (11:03) *w/Claptn
13.) Sunshine Of Your love (05:20) * w/Clapton

Total Time: approx: 71:10

IMO, the best Solo band I ever heard w/Bruce.
No flash gtr crap and such, Pat Thrall keeps it real, Ha.
Bad Sign is way Hot, dig Jacks scat/solo bit,
Is he having a "Jack Attack" or what.

"As You Said is awesome too..but hey, the whole show/set is great...
"Spoonful w/Eric is nice, you can feel it brew as Eric gets
reaquainted w/his surroundings, doesn't really overplay,
just plays really well..its really good.
This is also the 1st time that Jack & Eric played together in public since CREAM.

Enjoy, Its a really great performance by all.