Jack Bruce - Gary Moore - Gary Husband

Cellar Bar
South Shields
Tyne & Wear

1998-07-14(the first night)

Audience Recording

My personal subjective rating:A

Linage:cdr from trade->EAC->TLH(aligned SBE & FLAC level 8)

Total running time: (87:05)

Disc 1(42:25)
2.Life On Earth
3.Born Under A Bad Sign
4.City Of Gold
5.Theme Of Imaginary Western
6.First Time I Met The Blues
7.I Feel Free
8.1.Sleepy Time Time

Disc 2(44:40)
1.Deserted Cities Of The Heart
2.Sitting On Top Of The World
3.White Room
4.Sunshine Of Your Love

The Band:
Jack Bruce(vocals,bass)
Gary Moore(guitars)
Gary Husbands(drums)

This is from the first of the 3 gigs these 3 fine gentlemen did in July 1998.

By the sound of it,it seems like they've played together for years. Just listen to the 15 minute version of "Sunshine Of Your Love"

I am looking for lossless version of Brixton June 5th 1994 & Madrid june 20th 1994

As usual please keep it circulating in best possible format,and listen to the samples before downloading,

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