Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Dick Heckstall-Smith Trio
Rehearsal Recordings - London 1962

Recorded at Jacks home studio in London England
Circa 1962 - exact date un-known
Lineage unknown, but probably from reel to reel > cassette tape > CDR.

These rehearsals have seldom been heard by anyone other than
a small group of die hard Jack Bruce collectors.

The tape was obtained from Dick Heckstall-Smith himself

1. Sonnymoon for Two - take one
2. Jordu
3. Sonnymoon for Two - take two
4. The Tube
5. Unknown Composition

A noteworthy mention:
The 4th song - "The Tube", was later played by Jack, Ginger, and Dick
at Jacks "50th birthday concert" at the E-Werk in Cologne Germany
on November 2nd or 3rd of 1993.

Taken from hopboy's Jack Bruce collection.