(Jack Bruce,Ginger Baker & Gary Moore)

Falconer Theater


Source 1

Linage:cdr(x)->EAC->TLH(FLAC level 8)

Personal subjective rating:B+

Total time: 109:25

Disc 1(51:38)
1.Waiting In The Wings
2.City Of Gold
3.I Wonder Why(You Are So Mean To Me)
4.Sitting On Top Of The World
5.Glory Days
6.Naked Flame
7.Deserted Cities Of The Heart
8.Can't Fool The Blues

Disc 2(57:47)
1.High Cost Of Loving
2.Tales Of Brave Ulysees
3.Rollin' And Tumblin'
4.Why Does Love(Have To Go Wrong?)
5.The Politician
6.I Feel Free

Jack Bruce(vocals,bass)
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Ginger Baker(drums)
Tommy Eyre(keyboards)

There is at least 3 sources from this show and this source is longer than the others.
"Can't Fool The Blues" has a small cut at 3:52 probably caused by a tapeflip. Unfortunately it wasnt possible to merge the parts with out removing some music so I left it unaltered.
There are some noise problems in "Tales Of Brave Ulysees" from to 1:10 until 2:25 otherwise its a quite decent recording.

Still looking for a lossless version of Brixton June 5th 1994 as the few circulating copies of it has some sort of lossy compression probably caused by a tape->md transfer.
Anyone knows where the master of Brixton is found...well get to work.

uploaded on Dime by rideinthel February 2011