(Jack Bruce,Ginger Baker & Gary Moore)


1994-06-01(june 1st)

Mono audience recording

Linage:1 st gen audiotape->NAD Tapedeck->NAD AMP->HD->Cool Edit Pro->TLH(aligned SBE & FLAC level 8)

Personal subjective rating:B+

Total running time: (95:06)

Disc 1(45:58)

1.Waiting In The Wings
2.City Of Gold
3.I Wonder Why(You Are So Mean To Me)
4.Sitting On Top Of The World
5.Glory Days
6.Naked Flame
7.Deserted Cities Of The Heart
8.Can't Fool The Blues

Disc 2(49:18)

1.High Cost Of Loving
2.Tales Of Brave Ulysees
3.Rollin' And Thumblin'
4.Why Does Love(Have To Go Wrong?)
5.Encore Break
6.The Politician
7.I Feel Free
8.Encore Break
9.Sunshine of Your Love

The Band:
Jack Bruce(vocals,bass)
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Ginger Baker(drums)
Tommy Eyre(keyboards)

As my first BBM posting became rather popular,I decided to post another one,and this Stockholm show seemed like a good show,despite being a mono recording.

Recieved this one as an audiotape many years ago and transfered it to CD,and put it into circulation.

Did some minor fixes on it today. Some tracksplitting fixes and removed a drop in "High Cost Of Loving"

If anyone else has some recordings of this power trio, feel free to post as is seems BBM are in demand here on Dime.

No artwork included

As usual listen to the samples before downloading,and please keep recordings circultating in the best possible format.

remastered & uploaded on Dime by rideinthel june 2008