Tom Russell Rock Show
Interview with Jack Bruce & Gary Moore from BBM

Broadcasted on Radio Clyde 1
1994-july(unknown broadcast date)

FM radio recording

Linage:1 st gen FM recorded audiotape->unknown transfer->HD->CDR->EAC->Cool Edit Pro 2.1(removed the official music broadcasted)>TLH(aligned SBE & FLAC level 8)

Personal subjective rating:A

Total running time: (18:50)

1.Tom Russel Interview

Quite interesting and funny interview,where they talk about BBM came together,making of the "Waiting In The Wings" album and touring.
A bit of a follow up to my recent BBM postings,hope you enjoy it.

All the broadcasted music has been removed.

Sorry,no artwork available

uploaded on Dime by rideinthel june 2008