Mannheim, Germany



Jack Bruce - bass, harmonica, vocals
Jan Hammer - keyboards
Victor Godsey - keyboards, vocals
Carsten Bohn - drums

(primary source - LTB):
1st gen. cassettes > Pioneer CT-757 > DAT > Tascam DA-20 > m-audio > WAV (48khz) >
Audition 3 (correct pitch -41 cents, restore levels on left channel for approx.
4 seconds of s2tr10, minor level adjustments, downsample, track) > WAV (44.1khz)
(alternate master "Blue Wind" - agalli/hopboy):
unknown lineage cassette > CDR > Soundforge > WAV > FLAC > TLH > WAV >
Audition 3 (edits, left channel level adjustment) > WAV
Audition 3 (edits, track, eq) > TLH > FLAC (level 8, aligned)

Set 1:
00 opening remarks
01 Life On Earth
02 Heavy Love
03 Turnaround
04 No More Lies
05 Time Again
06 Long Time
07 Manic Depression

Set 2:
00 opening tuning
01 Hooked On Love
02 Uptown Breakdown
03 (You Think You're) So Hot
04 Jan Hammer keyboard solo
05 Rollin' & Tumblin'
06 Waiting For The Call
07 Bird Alone //
08 Blue Wind //
09 Politician
10 Crossroads
11 the crowd loses its collective mind in an organized way... (7:08)

(At least) two master recordings exist. They are conclusively from the same Mannheim show.
Both are missing one song that is included on the other source.
The better source is the basis of this file set, with the missing Blue Wind included
from the previously circulating source. The basic character of each is so different that
even when spliced at match points the source change is quite notable.
The last track of applause may be omitted, but is included since it was preserved and the
enthusiasm is quite remarkable.

This is the remastered version. The source files are also available.


The original source is bright and ultimately a bit fatiguing (and is IMO missing a lot of
the crucial Jack factor). Simple tone adjustments didn't quite get it as I'd like to hear
it. so I applied some moderate eq to rebalance the sound. The encore tracks here sounded
a bit different so a different milder eq was applied to those. I also eq'd the patch track,
which makes it more consistent with the other source.

Thanks to LTB and the taper, AG, Hopboy and the other taper/traders. Thanks to Goody for the
pitch offset and the reminder about the dropout.