Jack Bruce With The Jan Hammer Band
"Live at The Capitol" Mannheim, Germany
recorded on January 31, 1983

PS: This show should probably be called
"The Jan Hammer Band with Jack Bruce"
but who's to quibble ??


Agalli trade CRD's for some of my other Jack Bruce Shows >
Unknown lineage - but of low gen source > Soundforge > FLAC

Very good + to near excellent quality audience recording



1 Life On Earth
2 Heavy Love
3 Turnaround
4 No More Lies
5 Time Again
6 Long Time
7 Manic Depression
Intermission - no track number
8 Uptown Breakdown
9 You Think You're So Hot


1 Jan's Keyboard Solo
2 Rollin & Tumblin
3 Waiting For The Call
4 Bird Alone
5 Blue Wind
6 Politician
7 Crossroads

PS: I hope I got the titles of all
the Jan Hammer songs right!

Notes: I eliminated a handful of very brief one channel
dropouts, so that even a "sound professional"
cannot hear, nor find them, now.

Track one - "Life On Earth" had the
smallest amount of "tape crinkle" at appx. 4:17
which could not be improved very much.

I joined the last two tracks of CD2 as
they were on two tracks - needlessly.
I also re-tracked it more exactly, to my liking.

Musicians: Other than Jack & Jan,
you can hear them mentioned on the
end of track two, but since I am not 100% sure of
what's being said, I have left them out of this text file.
Please feel free to make comments and add any info.

I am primarily a Jack Bruce fan, not so much a Hammer fan,
tho I respect his place in music history and he is a very good player.
If I reseed this show in the future, I will add all the notations I gather.

taken from hopboy's Jack Bruce Collection

Special thanks go out to my Jack Bruce collecting pal
Agalli for the source discs & for "trying to" help me
name the Jan Hammer tunes.
We may have misnamed one or two - esp. tracks 5 & 6 of CD1.