John McLaughlin- guitar
Stu Goldberg- keyboards
Jack Bruce bass and vocals
Billy Cobham- drums
Hamburg, (maybe Bremen?) Germany
October 19?, 1979
(this is definitely all from one German gig,
although the location and date are a little uncertain)
unknown gen. audience recording
runtime: 120:30 (minutes/seconds)
disc 1 55:58
1: desire & the comforter 14:49
2: electric dreams, electric sighs 22:42
3: ? (spliced) 13:37
4: piano solo 4:49

disc 2 64:32
5: the core of the apple (S Goldberg) 7:03
6. tightrope (J Bruce) 10:43
7: ? (spliced) 25:49
8: drum solo 8:29
9: resolution (Jack Bruce) 3:53
10: ? > a love supreme (John Coltrane) 8:33
do noe sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
trade cassettes > played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a very good recording of Hamburg (?) show. John introduces the first song
(apparently mostly in German, after playing it) as "comforter and desire".
According to Jack Bruce's website, they played the following dates/locations:
10/20/79 - 'Stadthalle' Bremen, Germany
10/21/79 - 'Philipshalle' Dusseldorf, Germany
10/22/79 - 'Congress-Centrum Halle, Saal 1' Hamburg, Germany
according to John McLaughlin archives timeline
Hamburg show date was October 20, 1979
Bremen show date was October 22, 1979
I don't like to post shows with uncertain dates, but am making an exception here because:
if it's actually Bremen show, this is likely a longer version than hopboy's torrent #271272
(believed to be Bremen and posted as Oct. 20, 1979)
this was a very nice performance and appears to be all of it, minus a couple of tape flips.
and it's also a pretty enjoyable recording quality.
I can only guess that Miles Davis, the Dark Prince and My Foolish Heart may be among the ?
song titles.
It is my hope that by posting the full show it may help solve the date mystery concerning
the German shows of this great band.