John McLaughlin- guitar
Stu Goldberg- keyboards
Jack Bruce bass and vocals
Billy Cobham- drums
the Palalido
Milan, Italy
Nov. 8, 1979
unknown low gen. aud
runtime: 121:39 (minutes/seconds)
disc 1 59:26
1: tuning 1:14
2: desire & the comforter 15:20
3: band introductions 1.39
4: electric dreams, electric sighs 26:09
5: Miles Davis (spliced) 15:01

disc 2 62:13
6. piano solo 5:38
7: the core of the apple (S Goldberg) 6:28
8: the tightrope (J Bruce) 15:57
9: the dark prince 22:24
10: drum solo 8:58
10: resolution (TWL version) 2:46

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this one goes out to mr mags, hopboy, kinebee and all other
fans of this great band. SQ isn't quite as good as the Hamburg
show but pretty enjoyable in this, and apparently all from one
source recording. Posted for my first time (maybe someone else
posted it previously) but not in at least 2 years. This is a nice
performance, the band seemed to be in a good groove in the late
Oct. and early Nov. part of this tour. the shows don't differ
alot in setlist (hardly at all) but the performances do.