Part of this concert was previously posted by hopboy at torrent #277743.
I am using this to supplement with the missing part of the concert rather
than posting just part of the concert or complimenting it with what would
be a very inferior version of the already posted part of the show.
Jack Bruce: bass and vocals
John McLaughlin: guitar
Stu Goldberg: keyboards
Billy Cobham: drums
Rainbow Theatre
London, England
November 12, 1979
totasl runtime: 134:34 (minutes/seconds)
Audience tape unknown gen.

disc one 67:55

01: desire and the comforter 16:04
02: band introductions :34
03: electric dreams, electric sighs 29:45
04: Miles Davis pt.1 > 6:03
05: bass solo > rollin' and tumblin' > 6:56
06: Miles Davis pt.2 2:38
07: piano solo 5:52

disc two 66:38

08: core of the apple 6:36
09: tightrope 14:32
10: dark prince medley 18:34
11: drum solo > 10:37
12: resolution 6:05
13: a love supreme 10:11 (cuts near the end of it)
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
thanks to Saoshya and hopboy for their efforts
to restore the 1st part of this show.
I don't know what they did to restore it,
but a magic wand was likely required because
my copy of the early part was a totally unpostable mess
and theirs was considerably better even though
apparently from the same original source recording...
some additional remastering and patching together
with the last 4 tracks by glasnostrd19.
a TUNNELSOUND production
(estimated frequency range: 1000-2500 hz)
tracks 1-9 were taken from post #277743 from hopboy,
since my version of those tracks is mostly badly flawed.
I made a seperate track for the band introductions,
DC offset was applied and some minor level adjusting was done.
Tracks 9-12 came from my CD copy source. The 1st 90 min. of
my version has bad distortion, clipping and other sound problems
apparently from a poor previous transfer, but it sounds to my ears
like it all comes from the same source recording, and fortunately
the last 4 tracks in my copy were not clipped or distorted except
from the (vast) inferiorities of the recording deck and mikes.
If Kellogg's or Tonka makes microphones, they just might sound like these.
this recording is NOT a high fi recording so do be prepared for that,
but this may very well be the first time this whole show has been heard
in a listenable sound quality by more than (maybe) a very small circle of
McLaughlin head friends. Saoshya and hopboy both did alot of various
work on the part posted by hopboy. My thanks to them for making it
possible to hear that part which now sounds pretty listenable.
I don't think they will need to rework the last part, and the quality
sounds pretty similar in all of it now thanks to their efforts.
Now we get to hear all the colours of the rainbow, on a November night
in 1979. (and occassionally a ride cymbal, a little bit.) it's about a C
to maybe C+ recording, which may not sound like anything to get a johnson
over, but it means my mostly D- quality recording can go where it belongs...

notes from hopboy's post (the 1st 9 tracks of this post):

FLACs of unknown lineage > FLAC FRONTEND > WAV > Lots of
careful editing by hopboy as well as Saoshya on DIME > SOUND FORGE 8

The source of this concert was taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection


This show was a real bitch to restore!

It is almost certainly not the whole show.
Other shows of this lineup at this time ended with
"The Dark Prince" and "Resolution", both missing from this show.

The second CD has the character of a "dual channel mono"
tape recording, but we can't be 100% sure.
The taper adjusted his microphone at least seven times,
which was not a good thing to do, and made
the editing much more difficult than normal.

Also, on the second CD, Saoshya normalized the left channel by -2.7db's
and he also normalized the right channel by -3.7db's.
He did the normalization this way so that CD2 would match the levels of disc one,
and also to keep the treble of the left channel a bit more prominent in the mix,
since the right channel was a bit too "bass heavy" to the ear.

Many thanks go out to Saoshya for helping me to complete this
recording, as after countless hours of working with the source I had,
I had "hit the brick wall" with it, and actually contemplated abandoning the project entirely.

But ... then I came back to my senses and I remembered that this show was
too important and too historical of an event to simply abandon it
due to some difficulties that bordered on mere insanity, difficulties that would have
certainly institutionalized all but the very bravest of live show collectors!

I can really sling the bull, can't I ??? !!!

So, bottom line: this one really is a gift to the fans of this type of music.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.