Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham & Stu Goldberg
"Live at the Rainbow Theatre" London, England
Recorded on November 12, 1979

Audience tape with very good,
but not spectacular, sound for 1979

Disc One

1.01 - Desire And The Comforter 16:38.764
1.02 - Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs 29:45.559

Disc Two

2.01 - Miles Davis pt.1 6:03.152
2.02 - Jack Bruce Solo - Rollin' And Tumblin' 6:56.681
2.03 - Miles Davis pt.2 2:38.834
2.04 - Stu Goldberg Solo 5:52.530
2.05 - Core Of The Apple 6:36.794
2.06 - Tightrope 14:32.266

FLACs of unknown lineage > FLAC FRONTEND > WAV > Lots of
careful editing by hopboy as well as Saoshya on DIME > SOUND FORGE 8

The source of this concert was taken from hopboys Jack Bruce collection


This show was a real bitch to restore!

It is almost certainly not the whole show.
Other shows of this lineup at this time ended with
"The Dark Prince" and "Resolution", both missing from this show.

The second CD has the character of a "dual channel mono"
tape recording, but we can't be 100% sure.
The taper adjusted his microphone at least seven times,
which was not a good thing to do, and made
the editing much more difficult than normal.

Also, on the second CD, Saoshya normalized the left channel by -2.7db's
and he also normalized the right channel by -3.7db's.
He did the normalization this way so that CD2 would match the levels of disc one,
and also to keep the treble of the left channel a bit more prominent in the mix,
since the right channel was a bit too "bass heavy" to the ear.

Many thanks go out to Saoshya for helping me to complete this
recording, as after countless hours of working with the source I had,
I had "hit the brick wall" with it, and actually contemplated abandoningthe project entirely.

But ... then I came back to my senses and I remembered that this show was
too important and too historical of an event to simply abandoned it
due to some difficlties that bordered on mere insanity, difficulties that would have
certainly institutionalized all but the very bravest of live show collectors!

I can really sling the bull, can't I ??? !!!

So, bottom line: this one really is a gift to the fans of this type of music.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.