JACK BRUCE & FRIENDS (w/ Corryell, Mitchell, Mandell)

01/31/70 - 'Fillmore East' New York, New York (late show)

lineage: master > wav > flac

01. Politician
02. Weird of Hermiston/Tickets To Waterfalls/Theme For An Imaginary Western
03. HCKHH (Hayseed Country Kicking Ho Ho) Blues
04. We're Going Wrong
05. The Clearout
06. Sunshine of Your Love
07. Smiles & Grins jam

Jack Bruce - voc / bass
Larry Corryell - git
Mike Mandell - organ
Mitch Mitchell - drums

This is the best sounding and most complete version of this show. I uploaded another version of this concert a few years ago. Same source, but from my 3rd (?) gen cassette. I have received these files just recently, and they are straight from the master. Sound is much better!
This is a raw unaltered tranfer, and some of the trackmarks are not in the perfect spot sometimes. You might want to re-arrange those.

olvator 11/2008